Crowdfunding is a method by which authors can raise funds for publishing their books through pre-orders. Books that prove reader interest by meeting the pre-order goals are published by us without any upfront costs to the author.  Yes, it's effectively FREE! Authors earn royalties for all book sold over and above the pre-order goals.

And you know where it gets even better? With a pre-order goal of JUST 70 Copies, we have the industry-lowest pre-order requirement. Click below to get started today!

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After we get your form, we will share the pre-order link of your book with you and you will be required to promote and spread it among your friends and colleagues, convincing them to pre-order your book!

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As soon as you meet the pre-order goal, the publishing process of your book will begin. Cover and interior will be designed, pre-orders will be shipped and the book will be listed on websites of major online retailers. We'll handle the rest of the work, while you can concentrate on writing your next masterpiece!



The pre-order goal for crowdfunding an ebook is just 40 copies!

On meeting the pre-order goal, you will be provided the following services without any upfront charges:

  • Premium eBook Cover
  • Premium eBook Interior
  • Listing on Amazon Kindle
  • Enrollment in Kindle UNLIMTED


The pre-order goal for crowdsourcing a paperback book is just 70 copies!

On meeting the pre-order goal, you will be provided the following services without any upfront charges:

  • ISBN & Barcode Assignment
  • Premium Cover Designing
  • Premium Interior Designing
  • Lisiting on Major Online Retailers (Amazon & Flipkart)
  • eBook Listing on Amazon Kindle
  • eBook Enrollment in Kindle UNLIMITED
  • FREE Shipping on purchase of 10+ Author Copies

Frequently Asked Questions

How different crowdfunding is from self-publishing?

Crowdfunding is not very different from self-publishing after you meet the pre-order goal. You get all the perks of a self-published author, with eligibility to set pricing for your book, opt for additional services, purchase author copies at discounted price and get royalties similar to a self-published author. You will also be eligible to take full benefit of our Referral Program, more details about which can be found here.

What if I need something that's not included in the list of services mentioned above? For example, what if my book has images and tables?

If you require any service which isn't included in the above mentioned plans (for example, images and tables in interior, government copyright registration, customized bookmarks), don't panic. You can always choose any service as an add-on for additional charges and publish your book in a smooth, hassle-free manner! Fill the form below or drop us an email on, and we'll upgrade your package.

Is there any kind of security deposit which I need to pay?

Although we will publish your book for no upfront costs to you if you reach the pre-order goal, we require you to pay a nominal security deposit of Rs. 500 for eBooks and Rs. 1,000 for Paperbacks, which we'll fully refund on reaching the pre-order goal, making your effective cost of publishing ZERO.

When and how much royalties will I get?

You will get the royalties and sales report on a quarterly basis for all copies sold over and above the pre-order goals at the rates decided by us based on the selling price of the book and royalty distribution policies. But no matter you publish through crowdfunding or self-publishing, our royalty distribution policies are same for all our authors!

Who will decide the selling price of the book and how?

The selling price of the book for pre-orders shall be decided by us based on the number of pages in the book. Once you meet the pre-order goal, you will be eligible to set any price for your book above the Minimum Suggested Price (MSP). Note that MSP will be different (usually lower) than the pre-order price.

Is there any deadline?

After the pre-orders start, you will have 30 days to meet the pre-order goal in case of eBooks and 45 days in case of paperbacks.

What if I can't meet the pre-order goal in the given time?

If you can't meet the pre-order goal in the given time, you will have the option to buy the remaining pre-orders yourself and continue publishing of the book. In case you don't wish to do that, your book will not be published, the people who pre-ordered already will be issued a refund and the security deposit shall be forfeited.