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Author's Personal Store


Want to sell your book, collect payments and ship them all on your own? Want to have full control on your book, offer discounts on your book whenever you like? We are the only publishing house who will make a separate personal store for you with secure payment gateway, effectively FREE of cost.

Goodies & Bookboxes


Saw those goodies and bookboxes with Harry Potter or GOT theme, and want your book to have such book-themed goodies and bookboxes? At Paper Palace, we will make notebooks, posters, polaroids, bookmarks, t-shirts, mugs, frames, bookboxes and much more matching with your book.


Premium Cover Designing

At Paper Palace Publishing, there's no basic. Every book is special and every book deserves to look beautiful. Keeping this belief in mind, we offer PREMIUM Cover Designing with every package.

Advanced Cover Designing

Want your book's cover to look even more special? Want special modifications in your text or want a vector-based or acrylic cover? We got it covered under advanced cover designing.

Premium Interior Designing

For best-in-class text-only designs, suitable for most fiction, non-fiction and poetry books, we offer PREMIUM Interior Designing with our every package. Spoiler Alert: We strictly HATE Times New Roman and other such boring, outdated fonts.

Advanced Interior Designing

Want your book's interior to look even better? Or does it have images, figures and tables? Choose advanced interior designing to get everything right on point, with even better fonts and even better design language.


Editing & Proofreading

We provide decent editing and proofreading services at affordable prices. To make sure no author pays extra, we first evaluate a book and quote a price based on our evaluation. On an average, our price for copyediting is 60-paise per word, whereas for only proofreading, it is 25-paise per word. To get final price quote, please share 3-5 sample chapters from the book and total word count.

Blog to Book

Reach beyond social media with Paper Palace Publishing. We are the FIRST & ONLY publishing house to pick-up quotes and poems directly from your Blog/Instagram/Mirakee/YourQuote writing accounts, compile them with expert assistance and publish them in the form of a book. Become a published author with NO HASSLE GUARANTEED for prices starting at just Rs. 1,990. Freakin' exciting, isn't it?

Marketing Materials

Book-themed everything!

  • Bookmarks
  • Flyers
  • Posters
  • T-shirts
  • Notebooks
  • Cotton Tote Bags
  • Visiting Cards
  • Coffee Mugs

Promotional Services

Email Marketing


Email Marketing has been hailed across the world for its effectiveness as a promotional strategy. In this method, we will draft and send emails to our handpicked list of readers in an effort to lure them into buying and eventually reading the book!

Hosting Giveaways


Hosting giveaways is a great way to create buzz about a book. In this, we would host giveaways on your behalf on our social media handles, choose the winners and send the books to the winners.

Goodies Distribution


In this, we would not send the book for free to anyone, but would send out goodies related to book (notebooks, posters, etc) to readers and reviewers, in an effort to lure them into buying the book and also creating a buzz about it. These goodies will be accompanied by a flyer and a sample of the book.

Flyers & Sample Distribution


This is a cheap promotional trick in which we will send out flyers of your book to potential readers, accompanied by a few sample pages from the book.

More readers can be reached in this effective promotional method in lower cost compared to other offline marketing methods.

Getting Reviews


In this, we would send out review copies to bookstagrammers, booktubers and bookbloggers, in exchange of honest reviews for your book.

These review copies will be accompanied by a little gesture (goodie) to please the reviewers, which will expectedly make them create a buzz about the book rather than just reviewing it.


Paper Palace Online Store


Unlike any other store, readers get FREE Delivery whereas authors get higher royalties on books sold on our online store. And it's cheaper than Amazon Prime!

India Online Distribution


Your book will be available for purchase on major online retailers such as Amazon & Flipkart to ensure it's availability in every part of the country.

International Distribution


Sell your book across borders and reach readers internationally. Give your book the exposure it deserves with Paper Palace Publishing.


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Other Services

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